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Human beings are naturally curious, we can rarely accept a conclusion without knowing Who, What, When, Why, and How. The Forum for the Know Thyself Initiative is drawn from the treatise on spiritual evolution, which is the cumulative information amassed over a guided journey of 29 years to answer every one of the above questions concerning our world today. That journey also explained why so many are still suffering every day, and how we can fix it. We found the answers to that by tracking the two primary forces affecting the mass consciousness since the Big Bang.

In the Forum we utilize the fact that ancient teachers managed to pass on invaluable information on transformation in multiple forms, with one of the most effective being the most controversial, as it was concealed within the imagery of the Tarot cards.

However, so much data takes time to relate, and the Forum is constantly adding new members who have obviously missed the previous posts. Therefore, to keep continuity, here we are housing the posts in sequential order for anyone who wants to catch up or refresh their memories.

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