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In his new book, THE LIVING UNIVERSE: The New Theory of Origins, Explaining Consciousness, the Big Bang, Fine-tuning, “Dark Matter”, the Evolution of Life and Human History, our friend and one of our I.D.E.A. Foundation’s directors, Dr. Carl Calleman expands Quantum Theory to the Macrocosm. This inspired book presents a coherent theory of Life’s purpose, demonstrating that rather than our existence being the product of a random happy accident, our Evolution was orchestrated and driven by a fully conscious structure.

What happened?

During the summer of 2020, an extraordinary cross-section of society acknowledged the need to confront the injustice and prejudice in the world, with many advocating immediate change. For a few brief months, we had the opportunity to forever change this world, but something happened that stopped the momentum. Although we made some changes, such as removing statues glorifying the Confederacy and advocates for slavery, voting rights were still ignored and laws enacted to restrict voting reinforced. Why did we not follow through in addressing these wrongs? We believe 2020 was a turning point for Humanity, because the timing and consequence of the remarkable and admirable shift in mindset that Summer was not random. As discussed on our site and in the KTI Forum, there was and still is a Divine Plan.

Carl Calleman PhD creates bridge between Science and Spirituality

Carl’s work and ours approaches the question of our origin and purpose for Life from different ends of the same bridge, which is why we developed the Bridge to Peace Project. We believe that with Carl’s inspired book, we can meet in the middle.

FHBs (Future Human Beings) are waiting in the wings

Since Roswell, the question of UFOs and extraterrestrials has caused great debate. Through Suzzan’s visions and our friend Guy’s experience, (recounted in his book), we now know we have been visiting ourselves for thousands of years.

Who knew that Tarot and Astrophysics could agree

Raising consciousness to the macrocosmic level brings in the Ancient teachings of The Mysteries. Carl describes consciousness as “fundamental” to existence, while Tarot refers to all Creation as Mind-stuff. BEYOND DIVINATION: anthology.

Treatise on Spiritual Evolution parallels Dr. Calleman’s “Theory of Everything.”

Our treatise on Spiritual Evolution America’s Hijacked Destiny... has many correlations with Carl’s “Theory of Everything.”